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New Chateau

Chateau Bon Repos

The New Chateau was built around 1770 in the late Rococo style. The Archbishop Příchovský invited architect Ignacio Palliardi to rebuild the buildings from Špork era to the current shape. After a few other owners, the Czechoslovak army used these premises for almost 50 years. Currently the complex underwent extensive reconstruction lasting 15 years, including the New Chateau. Here, in the main Příchovský Hall, newly found richly decorated walls are painted with frescoes. The ceiling at 6 meters height offers a view of celestial images.

Nowadays, the Příchovský Hall is most often used during weddings as a ceremonial room in case of rain or too hot weather, but most often brides appears from here to join the ceremony in the garden. The New Chateau is often used by filmmakers. Have you recognised Lázně Mšené in the first series of První republika? Or in the romantic movie Všechno nebo nic (all or nothing) the Příchovský hall was a luxury hotel in Italy and the terrace in front was a restaurant where the main heroes danced in the evening. Or Jakub Kohák, as the banker Gigi, was having his nails done here too ...

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