Old Chateau - Zámek Bon Repos

Old Chateau

Chateau Bon Repos

The Old Chateau is the oldest building in the whole chateau grounds, or truly only part of it. "La Maison de Bon Repos", with the Madonna's nursing sculpture, was Spork's "cottage" sometime around 1715. Here he relaxed, meditated and hunted for birds. The next owner, the Archbishop Příchovský, let this hut and the monks' house besides joined together to create a huge building. Now it serves mainly as a guest accommodation and the Jídelna there can host about 50 people seated around round tables for banquets. A very unique are not only the external frescoes on the original Špork's huts, but also the interior fresco "Wealthy Dinner" or Špork's torso of his inscriptions on the corridor.

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