BON REPOS CASTLE - Zámek Bon Repos


Perfect privacy in the middle of nature

The history of the entire area of Chateau Bon Repos starts around 1715, when Count František Antonín Špork built his House of Rest (“La Maison de Bon Repos”) on the hill of Cihadla, not far from his official seat in Lysá nad Labem. In addition to his hut, he built here the chapel of Saint Jerome, a building for monks, and also a pyramid, where the monk prayed for his sins. Count Spork was using his Bon Repos primarily to meditate, to rest or to hunt birds.

After his death, for thirty years nothing happened, until the Prague Archbishop Příchovsky bought the entire premises in the auction. As a lover of art and architecture, he made great changes. Instead of the chapel of Saint Jeroným he built the “New Chateau”. He also connected the Špork´s hunting lodge with the monks’ building into a large “Old Chateau”. He added a unique Chinese pavilion for his entertainment, mainly for private concerts and dancing-balls. The chateau had many owners and interesting personalities lived her as well. For example famous Czech composer Bedřich Smetana lived here for 4 years and taught music in the Thun Hohenstein family. After World War II, there were soldiers of the Czechoslovak Army here for over fifty years and the whole area was changed enourmosly for the army purposes. Currently the extensive reconstruction of all the buildings took place and the original beauty of the chateau can bloom again.

Sightseeing tours of the chateau can take place only upon prior arrangement over the phone or email. You may have the opportunity to go through not only all the buildings and the park, but also you can learn something about Count Špork’s times and about his life at Bon Repos. Individual and group tours can be arranged on the phone number 724 368 619. The tour takes place at least for CZK 600. The price is 150 CZK per person. Parking in the chateau area is free of charge.

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